Classic Headcovers Reviews

REAL comments from REAL people . . . (you can't make this up)

" Received our headcovers and they are beautiful. Thanks for your help!
PS.. They were packaged so much better than the packaging I have been receiving."

"J.G" - Livonia, MI

"This will be my 3rd set of headcovers from you. I've really enjoyed my others. You do beautiful work."

"T.N" - Laconia, NH

"Really Nice!!! Best looking head covers I've seen!! Will do biz again!!"

"E.H" - Athens, AL

"Excellent beyond impressed - great communications - excellent ebayer - super fast shipping A+"

"R.B" - Middleton, CT

"Received the headcovers today and they are beautiful! Thank you for everything."

"S.D" - Brooklyn, NY

"The headcovers arrived today and are even more impressive than they appear on your website. Thanks so much for expediting our order."

"D.H." - Lancaster, MA

"Got the headcovers today, they turned out awesome! It was a pleasure doing business with you, I will highly recommend you guys when all my friends start salivating over them!!"

"J.K.J." - St. Louis, MO

"I've purchased your "SET OF 3 Classic Headcovers" in the past and I am enjoying them very much; I always get complimented on the quality of your work everywhere I tee it up. I was hoping I could order a couple more headcovers from you, I would like . . . "

"C.W." - Matthews, NC

"THANK YOU SSSOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received my head covers today and they are even better than I pictured!!! I love them and cant wait to put them on my clubs tomorrow ;-) Thank you for the pleasant surprise that I got today when it was delivered to my doorstep!"


"The headcovers made it here safely. Just arrived. They are fantastic! Thank you so much! Brilliant!!"

"D. and V.O." - Forth Worth, TX

"You guys are the BEST!"

"Q.M." - South Bend, IN

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love, love, love the set of headcovers i just received!! The quality and workmanship are both superior and am thrilled to purchase a product made in the USA. Really could not be happier with your product and great service. Also, the classic look and style of the headcovers reminds me of my favorite golfer--my grandfather."

"E.S." - Gainesville, FL

"Once again I am very pleased with your headcovers. They are beautiful and I feel happy every time I look at them. Thank you so much for great service and craftsmanship."

"D.H." - Mendocino, CA

"I JUST RECEIVED MY NEW HEADCOVER. ILOVE IT!!!! Thanks for the unbelievably fast turnaround. I will be showing it off to all my golf buddies."

"T.M." - Hydes, MD

"I just wanted to thank you for the knitted golf club covers. You did a beautiful job and it brought a tear to his eye when he opened them. Also, the gentleman that took my order was very helpful and patient with me. I can't say thank you enough."

"C.L." - Jeffersonville, VT

"It's beautiful! Thank you so much for your help! Merry Christmas!"

"C.K." - Alberta, CANADA

"Its perfect and beautiful. Thanks!"

"J.T." - Waipaho, HI

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the high quality classic head covers that you custom made for me. My expectations were were greatly exceeded. I have always wanted to own a set, but the poor quality of those I have seen in retail golf shops have made me apprehensive. I will show these off with great pride. It is important to remain conscious of the values and traditions of the world's greatest game: Golf. Your classic head covers respect that tradition. I will be recommending your high quality product to others as I enjoy many rounds in the years to come. Fairways and Greens my friend!"

"W.A.R." - Kempsville, VA

" . . . had many comments on them at the tourney i played last weekend...some guys had some but nowhere near as quality as yours.!!"


" . . . the headcovers were a huge success as a groomsmen gift. The ones I am ordering are actually for one of my groomsmen who wants another set for his new golf bag. Thanks!"

"C.B." - Baltimore, MD

"These are the best quality headcovers I have purchased. Thanks for your timely delivery!!"

"J.V." - Charlotte, NC

" . . . thanks this will be my fourth set of head covers that you have made and not one has fallen apart. Your covers are the best on the market."

"W.C.D." - La Quinta, CA

"The covers you made are beautiful. MUCH better craftsmanship than some I got from Jan Craig. You use stronger yarn and a tighter weave."

"L.P." - Coral Springs, FL

"I received my Classic Headcovers yesterday and they are absolutely AWESOME. They match my new Titleist staff bag perfectly. I can't wait to get to the golf course on Saturday morning and show them off to all the guys. Thanks for the quick service and the quality product. I will definetly be sharing your name and look forward to using you again in the future. Thanks again,"

"T.L." - Gainesville, GA

"THANK YOU!!! Thank you for sending me such a Quality headcover! It is better than what I had imagined it would be! Awesome craftmanship, and as always I will look to you in the future. Warm Regards,"

"Q.M." - Bristol, IN

". . . the headcover it has arrived today, is very beautiful."

"D.F.G." - Vigevano, ITALY

"I received the headcovers today and they look great...I couldn't be more pleased. "

"J.P." - Port St. Joseph, FL

"I want to thank you for returning my headcovers so quickly. They are really great, Better than my previous Jan Craigs, better price and service. "

"J.S." - Durango, CO

"I just wanted to thank you very much for re-making the headcovers and sending them out so quickly. My husband loves them! They really look great. I look forward to doing business together again in the future. I know that as soon as people see my husband's new headcovers, you will be getting referrals. "

"E.G." - North Easton, MA

". . . just received my order with four head covers and they are GREAT! I would like to order two more hybrids . . .. "

"D.P.P." - Naples, FL

"Just want to express to you and your company my satisfaction for my Fairway Wood covers. I got them yesterday and they are on the club as I type....I love them!"

"B.N." - San Dimas, CA

"A year ago, you made three custom headcovers for me, which have been terrific. I'd like to order another . . .."

"G.B." - Crossville, TN

"Just a quick note to advise you that I have received the headcovers and they are excellent as usual."

"G.A." - Aberdeen, SCOTLAND

"My son, . . . absolutely loves it. He is looking forward to showing it off during the Southern Amateur. I certainly appreciate you getting it made and out to us in such a short period of time. Shortly, I will be ordering several more. Thanks again for your great product and service."

"M.G.C." - Carthage, IN

" . . . our local high school team proudly displays your work everytime they play. I love the headcovers. I understand that this type of product takes time to produce, so I fully understand the three weeks you reference below. I leave for Scotland on the 17th of July and look forward to using the headcovers on my trip."

"D.T." - Siler City, NC

" The colors are perfect and as usual, they are very well made."

"G.H.J." - Tucson, AZ

" I really like the first headcovers I got from you guys that I needed to get another set for the new bag. :)"

"R.R." - Buena Park, CA

"I would like to thank Classic Headcovers for the great looking headcovers I received today. The royal blue and white make my 2007 Mizuno staff bag look great. I picked them up from the golf course, once again I would like to thank you. I know that I'll be the one to see on the mini tour that I play on. "

"T.J." - Charlotte, NC

"Just seeing the picture of your knitted headcovers brought back memories and feelings from the most pleasant and carefree days of my life, when I played competitive high school golf. Mine were knitted by my girl friend of that time. Can't wait to get my set, maybe I'll remember how to play golf again, at that level."

"B.W." - Waynesville, NC

"I received your head covers today and just wanted to let you know they look great. Way cool."

"C. & D.C." - Cincinnatti, OH

"They look great !!!"

"T.E." - Lincolnshire, UNITED KINGDOM

"They're fantastic!"

"J.G." - Washington, DC

"After I got the driver and three-wood covers with white and orange stripes, purple indication lines, and a white/purple/orange pom-pom, a member at my course got the exact same thing on his driver. And I must say I have had tons of people ask where I got "those cool covers." I have really enjoyed my covers and hope you all keep up the great craftsmanship and service."

"J.R." - Clemson, SC

" ... just received my headcovers and just wanted to say thanks for doing a fantastic job. The craftsmanship is excellent and I will highly recommend your company to anyone I can share my experience with."

"N.P." - Granger, IN

"I received my head cover today and it's flat out perfect! Thanks so much for the timeliness and perfection."

"E.P." - Southport, NC

"Received my headcovers and they are great. Had someone asked me the other day if they were Jan Craig's . . . and I said no but they are just as nice for much less money. Thank you!

"J.O." - Champaign, IL

"I just wanted you to know that I love you[r] headcovers. This is the third or fourth order from me. Thank you for your "classic" headcovers."

"B.W." - Franklin, TN

"Prompt and clear communication along with a quality product at a fair price ... "

"R.L." - Eagan, MN

" Got my covers, and WAY faster than I expected for something truly custom. Looking just as good as I hoped, Awesome."

"J.H." - Summerville, SC

" ... they look great on my bag I can't wait to tell all my golfing buddies ..."

"C.R." - Ovieda, FL

" . . . I really like them. Fit the over-sized driver just perfectly. I'll be showing them off to a couple of friends on monday. Thanks . . ."

"W.D." - San Luis Obispo, CA

"Thank you for the Timely shipping! They are "Top Drawer" and fit perfectly ... just what I had in mind."

"L.W." - Trussville, AL

""WOW! What a nice set of covers. Much better than Jan Craig at 1/3 the price!"

"E.R." - Topanga, CA

"Well received ... Very nice."

"J.T." - Emmerainville, FRANCE

"Nice deal! ... Quick delivery. Very satisfied!"

"G.T." - Milan, ITALY

" They are fantastic! I shall be using them for the first time tomorrow, and I have no doubt whatsoever that they will cause favourable comments from my friends."

"J.E." - Lancashire, UNITED KINGDOM

" ... thanks for the super cool Headcovers. Whether or not my golf will improve, I�m not sure, but my appearance will definitely be up there among the coolest."

"F.O." - Copenhagen, DENMARK

"Superb quality! They take me back childhood days of the 70's ... blades ... Apex woods ... dew covered ground ... hand-me-down spikes with kilts ..."

"R.L." - Wetumpka, AL

"Brilliant!! A great throw back, I immediately discarded the modern corporate advert of a head cover that came with my driver to proudly sport the new look."


"They are beautiful! The design came out just as I envisioned and you matched the TaylorMade red perfectly! What a great job and great service!"

"J.S.M." - New York, NY

"I received today my order. The photo in your catalog is not true. They're 1000 times better!! WONDERFUL HEADCOVERS!!"

"E.C." - Torino, ITALY

"They are terrific. They remind me of the ones my grandmother used to knit. Great product."

"M.C." - Woodbury, CT

" ... great covers. They are perfect. The putter cover is very cool and so much more refined and traditional than the original manufacturers and truly complements the rest of the set. The fit is right on target ..."

"J.D." - Honolulu, HI

"... Very satisfied with the quality and look. ... Thanks again for you[r] excellent service."

"J.S." - Cape Girardeau, MO

"I couldn't be happier with my headcovers. They looked great and they arrived so soon."

"R.W." - Collierville, TN

". . . I don't know how you produce such quality knitted headcovers at that low price, but I'm glad you do. I've seen quality knitted headcovers for sale in stores at prices like $60-$80 apiece, which is too much for me!"

"J.P." - Alexandria, VA

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